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Custom Memorial Sculptures
by Tomás J. Fernández
Creating a custom memorial is one of the greatest
honors that can be entrusted to an artist. Memorial
Sculptures or other works of art, dedicated to a loved
one's memory, are not only a testimony to the loving
impression that a persons life has left on others, but
also stands as a reminder to all of the fragile nature
given to our physical life and the limited time we have to
leave a positive memory with others in our lives...

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by Fernandez in bronze, stained glass, and steel...
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Fountain of Peace
by memorial artist Tomas Fernandez

This bronze and stone custom memorial fountain
was created for the cemetery of St. John the
Apostle Church in Leesburg, Virginia.

The flame of the Holy Spirit, the Living Water, and
the Rock of our salvation are all represented in this
memorial to priests and infants.

The bronze was hand forged and tapered. The
flame stands 7 feet above the Virginia soapstone
base. A circulating pump keeps water continuously
bubbling up through the center and a beautiful
circular garden now surrounds the base.
Bronze Bench
by memorial artist Tomas Fernandez

Fernandez is seen here in his studio, working on the finishing touches
for a stunning bronze memorial bench.

This bench was created in bronze for a seaside garden in Jacksonville,
Florida. Pam's mother needed a lasting memorial that would withstand
the elements.

The solid forged bronze elements include grape vines and a sunrise
over a mountain range for the back rest.

Hard wood panels are comfortably crafted to provide an elegant seat.

The mountains in the back rest contain a lighting system that illuminates
the suns rays.
Saint Francis Bronze Relief
by memorial artist Tomas Fernandez

St. Francis is preaching to the birds in this life size
bronze relief. The story tells of a time when he had
just returned from an evangelistic crusade and had
encountered only rejection. In dismay, he turned to
the birds and began to preach to them. God
suddenly sent hundreds of birds to swirl around
him. Saint Francis saw this as a sign to persevere.

This sculpture was commissioned by Carla as a
memorial for her husband and was placed along a
custom stone wall in a prayer garden at Kanuga
Retreat Center, in Kanuga, NC.
Corpus Christi is a bronze cross memorial
commissioned by Sally-Bet Gehman as a
memorial for her husband.

The "Corpus Christi" (body of christ) design
touches on the vision of "Crux Gloria,"
(glorious cross), yet also conveys that the
Eucharist (symbolized by the circle) and the
body of Christ are one and the same.

This first large representation of "Corpus
Christi" is seen here with Fernandez alongside
the rugged and beautiful outdoor Ghemen
chapel at Kanuga Retreat Center in North

Lights are hidden in the cavity of the cross and
in the circle. Both the body of Christ and the
circle, the bread, are illuminated at night.

Corpus Christi has been lovingly referred to as
the Ghemen cross and the Kanuga cross. It is
a true example of a life continuing to touch
many lives through a memorial sculpture.

Retreat visitors from inner city children to the
elderly have been touched deeply by the Lord
through this amazing work, inspired by love.
Stained Glass Window
by memorial artist
Tomas Fernandez
This stained glass window was
a memorial for Vinton, one of
the founding members of
Saint David's parish in
Ashburn, Virginia.

Vinton had a deep love of
animals and community. The
Pastor, Stephen McWhorter,
requested the theme of the
window be Isaiah: 55, "Come
to the Water."

The window measures 7' x 16'.
Cross Memorial
by memorial artist Tomas Fernandez

A cross, by its history in connection with the sacrifice that Christ made for all, has
changed in its original message, from an instrument of death to a memorial of life
dedicated to love and sacrifice.

Peace Lutheran's Cross is a memorial commissioned by Lisa in memory of her
husband, Hienz. Hienz was a metal worker and Lisa was inspired to have a cross made
of bronze to honor his years of devoted work he gave to his family and his church

There is a dove resting in the grape vines. All the vines and leaves are hand forged.
The cross looks rugged, wooden, and timeless. There are actually two sandwiched
crosses of bronze that make up the cross with spacers that allow lighting to be hidden
within. At night the cross has a soft welcoming radiance, as a beacon to all "to come
and rest."
Corpus Christi Cross
by memorial artist Tomas Fernandez
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